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Capital Mall Parking Garage Boise ID

In 1978 the Authority financed three state office buildings for state agencies, and has been involved in the financing and development of a variety of projects since. The projects are financed by issuing lease revenue bonds. As the bonds are paid in full, the facilities are transferred to the State of Idaho. Below is a brief description of projects financed by the Authority.


Colleges and Universities

1984: The Authority financed construction of a new classroom and administration building and new student housing facilities for the Idaho State School for the Deaf and Blind at Gooding, Idaho. The facilities included a new gymnasium and student recreation facility, classrooms for grades K-12, a library and instruction materials distribution center, kitchen and dining facilities, an infirmary, administrative and diagnostic offices, six student housing units, and campus utility and maintenance facilities. The project provides a complete consolidated campus for both resident and non-resident students, and provides administrative support facilities for regional programs conducted in public schools throughout Idaho.
2002: The Authority issued bonds to finance the development of a multipurpose office and education building in Boise known as the Idaho Water Center. This building is used by the University of Idaho, Idaho State University, and Idaho Department of Water Resources.

2003: The Authority issued several series of bonds to finance facilities for Boise State University, University of Idaho, Idaho State University, Lewis and Clark State College, North Idaho College, College of Southern Idaho, and the Idaho State Police. Those projects included:

College of Western Idaho Nampa IdahoIdaho State University Classroom/Multi Use Complex, a multi-use complex at the Pocatello campus, known as the Rendezvous Center, that includes classrooms, a student union annex, and housing for 300 students.
College of Western Idaho Nampa IdahoBoise State University West Campus Academic Building in Nampa, Idaho, including a new building with a lecture hall, classrooms of various configurations, science laboratories, a computer lab, a library, offices, a bookstore, and multi-use dining spaces. In 2007, Boise State University transferred its interest in the facility to the College of Western Idaho, a community college district.
University of Idaho Teaching and Learning Center, a complete renovation of the University Classroom Center, that converted lecture classrooms into a state-of-the-art, technology-enabled Teaching and Learning Center which supports general education, tutoring and mentoring services, student life, and other functions, services and activities.
Lewis-Clark State College Campus Classroom and Activity Center, a new facility on campus in Lewiston, Idaho, consisting of an events center and gym, a multi-purpose room, classrooms, conditioning and workout rooms, and locker room/shower facilities, treatment and exam spaces, an office and related support spaces, concession facilities, storage areas, public lobbies and restroom facilities, and storage areas and building mechanical spaces.
North Idaho College Allied Health, Nursing and Life Science Building, a new facility located on campus in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, serving a full range of instructional spaces including classrooms, laboratories, preparation rooms, offices, computer laboratories, and distance education facilities.
College of Southern Idaho Fine Arts Addition, an addition to the existing CSI Fine Arts Building at the Twin Falls, Idaho, campus. It added a new 360-seat theater with primary support spaces, general use lecture and classroom spaces, and specialized instructional spaces.
Idaho State Police POST Academy, a new facility in Meridian, Idaho, serving as the primary training facility for the Idaho State Police, Department of Correction, and the Department of Juvenile Corrections.
2003: The Authority issued bonds to finance the development of a new educational facility for Eastern Idaho Technical College, located in Idaho Falls. In 2017, the Legislature authorized the State Board of Education to transfer the buildings and property comprising Eastern Idaho Technical College to a new community college district formed in 2017. The transfer was completed in 2018.
2017: The Legislature authorized the State Board of Education to enter into agreements with the Authority to finance the construction of two new high-tech facilities on property owned by the state known as the Cybercore Integration Center and Collaborative Computing Center, adjacent to the Idaho National Laboratory in Idaho Falls. The State Board of Education entered into subleases with Battelle Energy Alliance for the new facilities to be used in collaboration with the University of Idaho, Idaho State University, and Boise State University. Bonds were issued in February 2018 and the projects are being constructed.




Idaho State Correctional Institute Orofino Idaho1988: The Authority financed construction of a new 248-inmate medium/maximum security prison located adjacent to the Idaho State Correctional Institute south of Boise, plus a 96-inmate addition at the Idaho State Correctional Institute at Orofino, Idaho.
Idaho State Correctional Facility Boise Idaho1992: The Authority financed the development of a new minimum-security men’s housing unit for 189 inmates at the State’s primary prison complex south of Boise. It includes counseling offices and two multi-purpose rooms for education and other functions.
1998: The Authority financed development of a 1,250 inmate medium/minimum security prison also located at the State’s correctional complex at Boise, Idaho.
2008: The Authority converted a warehouse building, constructed as part of the 1998 project, to additional housing units at the Idaho Correctional Center.



State Offices

1978: The Authority’s first projects included three government office buildings and related improvements in the cities of Boise, Lewiston, and Idaho Falls. The Boise office, a ten-story building located in the Capitol Mall known as the Pete T. Cennarusa Tower, has been occupied by several state agencies since October 1979. It is currently occupied primarily by offices of the Department of Health and Welfare. The office building in Lewiston is located downtown near Lewiston City Hall and Nez Perce County government building and has been used by several regional state agencies. Similarly, the office building in Idaho Falls serves as regional offices for several state agencies and is located adjacent to the central commercial district.
1987: The Authority financed renovation of the Idaho Industrial Administration Building located in Boise. This building has been occupied by the Idaho Department of Labor and the Idaho Industrial Commission.

2006: The Authority issued bonds for the restoration and expansion of the Idaho Capitol Building in Boise. The project involved complete restoration of the existing structure and the addition of underground wings to the east and west ends of the Capitol Building.

Capital Mall Parking Garage2013: Bonds were issued by the Authority to finance a new parking garage, surface parking, and related improvements in the Capitol Mall area of Boise.
Idaho State Office Campus2017: In December the Authority issued bonds to purchase property and buildings located in Boise, Idaho, known as the Hewlett Packard campus. The purchase allows the Idaho Department of Administration to establish a single-destination complex for state agencies. The complex includes numerous buildings, warehouses and related structures totaling approximately 1.5 million square feet plus land for future expansion.



Other Projects

1992: The Authority financed a new state psychiatric hospital in Orofino, Idaho, for use by the Department of Health & Welfare. The facility consists of a new 70-bed alcohol, drug, and psychiatric treatment hospital and support areas for administration, training, food service, therapeutic recreation, medical services, pharmacy, lab service, housekeeping, laundry, and maintenance.
1994: The Authority financed the purchase of the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation headquarters office and related facilities from the Idaho State Insurance Fund. Site improvements include asphalt parking areas, landscaping, irrigation, and utility systems.

2001: The Authority financed and developed new housing and treatment facilities for 60 residents at the existing campus of the Idaho State School and Hospital, currently known as Southwest Idaho Treatment Center, in Nampa, Idaho.

2001: The Authority financed the purchase and installation of recreational equipment for Lava Hot Springs Foundation for its facilities in Lava Hot Springs, Idaho.

2001: The Authority financed the purchase of properties to facilitate a property exchange to allow for the expansion of Ponderosa State Park in McCall, Idaho. Formerly endowment lands, the acquired properties were leased to Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation and used as part of Ponderosa State Park.

2001: The Authority issued bonds to purchase properties and make improvements along Billingsley Creek near Hagerman for the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation. Uses include state park facilities, aquaculture research, and wildlife preservation.

2008: The Authority financed additional improvements and recreational equipment for the Lava Hot Springs Foundation.